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Business and Workforce Education is offering Live Online classes for business professionals.
21st Century Leadership Program: Develop the Leader Within Completely Online

Fri, 10am-12pm,  9/4-10/23  8:00am-10:00am| $399| Instructor: Tom Moore | Min. Students: 6 | Register by: 8/31

This workshop will give you the foundational leadership skills you need to excel in the workplace. Discover your role as a leader in the 21st century and develop your leadership skills by claiming your value, building self-awareness, improving your communication skills, understanding how to motivate and engage others, managing performance, and cultivating teamwork and collaboration.
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21st Century Leadership Program: Leading into the Future Completely Online

Fri, 1-3pm, 9/4-10/23 1:00pm-3:00pm | $399| Instructor: Tom Moore | Min. Students: 6 | Register by: 8/31

Build on your foundational leadership skills with a deeper dive into leading in the modern workforce. Learn how to coach for commitment, celebrate diversity in the workplace, build awareness of unconscious bias, master the art of delegation, and lead for change. Everyone is a leader – Learn how to lead into the future with this interactive 8-week workshop. 
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Lead Meetings People WANT to Attend Completely Online

Wed, 1-3pm, 10/28-11/4 | $109| Instructor: Gayle Noakes | Min. Students: 8 | Register by: 10/19

How many hours have you spent in meetings that go nowhere? What if YOU are the person about which everyone says “I like attending their meetings – we actually accomplish something and I am part of it!” In this virtual workshop, we will actively model some of the virtual tools you can use to involve your meeting members. Learn how to decide if you should have a meeting, set a meeting up for success, and conduct a meeting that accomplishes the intended results.
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Happiness – The Good Life Workshop Completely Online

Th, 10am-12pm, 9/10 & 9/17 | $59| Instructor: Ashley Kuemper | Min. Students: 15 | Register by: 8/31

Explore what you think makes you happy, what actually makes you happy, and how you can implement simple practices into your life to improve on your happiness in a multitude of ways. Learn how your brain tricks you into thinking you should be happy, how you can change your thoughts to change your emotions, and steps you can take to channel happiness and live the good life.
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New Supervisor Skills Workshop Completely Online

Th, 8am-Noon, 10/29-11/19| $349| Instructor: Tom Moore | Min. Students: 7 | Register by: 10/5

Develop the leadership skills you need to transition into a supervisor role, whether you've recently moved into a supervisor role, you've been in the role for a while and want to improve your skills, or you want to prepare for a future supervisor role. Learn how to move from peer to supervisor, set expectations, assign and delegate work, resolve conflict and provide feedback in a way that supports and motivates your team to be their best. You'll also discover and build on your personal strengths, influence, and leadership style through assessments and activities throughout the workshop.

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